29 APRIL 2024

Hi Cherie

Well done to the Amrod team, for not hesitating to assist clients in collections and dispatch when things are real there, for putting clients first. Caring and helping clients is what they do.

18 DECEMBER 2023

Hi Cherie

We would like to thank you and the Amrod team for all your amazing assistance and help throughout 2023. It really helps to have a good product and back up team to be able to sell with confidence and know we can deliver! Without Amrod and staff we would not have been able to have grown the way we did in 2023 so again, THANK YOU ALL!! We are looking forward to 2024 with Amrod at our side!!

Hope you all have a wonderful and restful festive season with loved ones.

Kind regards


21 NOVEMBER 2023

To Whom It May Concern

I would just like to commend you on the wonderful service we receive from Cindy and Marvin at the Pretoria branch. They are friendly and so accommodating.

It is an absolute pleasure to deal with them.

Employees of the Year.

Kind regards


10 NOVEMBER 2023

Hi Natalia

The bottles were delivered to our client yesterday, they are over the moon with them and very happy.

I have collected the mugs and the small items, and I must say, what a great job your team have done, for getting that logo just right. A big thank you Natalia for making this project happen.

Well done.

13 OCTOBER 2023

Natalia I would be lost without you.

I need some tips from you on how you manage to do everything and still be on top of everything. Really Natalia, I truly appreciate everything you do for our team when it comes to these small things.

Kind Regards, Nicole


Dear Pavee,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding service you have provided to our organization over the duration of your consultancy with us.

From the moment you joined our team, your expertise, professionalism, and dedication have had a significant and positive impact on our projects and operations. Your ability to analyse complex issues, develop innovative solutions, and communicate them effectively has been instrumental in helping us overcome various challenges and achieve our objectives.

Your commitment to delivering high-quality work within the agreed-upon timelines has consistently impressed us. You have consistently gone above and beyond our expectations, and your contributions have not only improved our processes but also enhanced our overall performance. Your work has been invaluable in helping us make informed decisions and drive positive changes in our organization.

Furthermore, your collaborative and team-oriented approach has made it a pleasure to work with you. Your ability to work seamlessly with our internal teams and stakeholders has fostered a spirit of cooperation and synergy that has greatly benefited our projects.

It is not just your technical expertise that sets you apart but also your exceptional interpersonal skills and your dedication to customer satisfaction. You have consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and have consistently delivered solutions that align with our goals and vision.

In recognition of your outstanding service and contributions, we would like to express our gratitude and commend you for your exceptional work. We look forward to the possibility of continuing our collaboration in the future, as we are confident that your expertise will continue to be a valuable asset to our organization.

Once again, thank you for your exceptional service, dedication, and the positive impact you have had on our projects and our team. We truly appreciate your efforts and professionalism.

Thank you once again for your exemplary service.

Sincerely, Vinisha

3 AUGUST 2023

Good evening.

I hope you are doing well.

I would like to give a huge compliment to the layout artist Sibusiso that has done my layouts tonight. There were 6x different items and he did not make any errors and followed my instructions 100% perfectly – this happened a long ago and I am so impressed. I had also requested a change on one of the items due to my error and he changed it for me so quickly and sent it back to me for approval and I could approve before midnight.

I am really sooooo impressed with this specific layout artist, I hope that he can assist me again in future, it was such a pleasure working with this person.

Thank you so much for your great assistance.

Kind Regards


28 JULY 2023

Moipone, you have been absolutely amazing! Thank you so much.

I do know that Amrod is a company that does attempt to go the extra mile and you have certainly been one that did your best to make sure that this happens.

I was highly stressed as the client would've been left with no option whatsoever if I got back to her after business hours only to say we can't have the stock in Durban on Monday morning. I have to admit, I sat with my phone nearby all day and your calls were most anticipated. Thank you!

Is there anything I can do to rate your service, show appreciation, etc? Are you allowed to receives gifts of appreciation?

Warm Regards


14 JULY 2023

Good morning Natalia,

I hope you are having a wonderful Friday.

Gerrit and I were just talking, and I thought I'd send you a mail.

We just want to thank Amrod for your continued effort and excellent service.
It really is a pleasure working with Amrod and all the staff.

You guys really operate at a different level and provide unbelievable service.

You are definitely No Limit's preferred supplier.

Kind Regards Joannie

13 JULY 2023

Hope you well and having a great Thursday!

As per our chat I wanted to send an email to ask you to send my email to say THANK YOU to the Layout Department, this week you can see that there has been a HUGE improvement with getting the proofs through to us sooner, I know there has been some challenges due to the new layout artists being trained and a new system etc…

So THANK YOU Layout TEAM for your efforts to send through the proofs so much quicker – it’s very appreciated!

Hope you all have a Happy FriYAY tomorrow!

Thank you

25 JUNE 2023

Good evening Moipone M.

I trust that you're well.

Moipone, thank you very much for helping me and may the good Lord bless you, you are such an amazing Manager.

Keep it up my Angel.

Thanks again.


13 JUNE 2023

Greetings Team

Thank you so much Moipone M. for solving the problem for us, I wish everyone at Amrod was like you, you deserve a big salary and a BMW. I put it in writing so that your boss can see that you are very valuable.

Thank you, we appreciate you helping us.

Good day

09 JUNE 2023

Good morning Natalia

What an "Awesome, Remarkable, Sensational, Wonderful, Positive, Lovely" and I add utterly SMASHING email to receive this morning!

This gives such motivation and enthusiasm to our Team, thank you so much!

We keep climbing with YOU.


08 JUNE 2023

Hi Natalia

Ah thank you for the awesome news.

Thank you for your continuous support, patience and constant willingness to help and lead the team where necessary.

You are an absolutely rock star and we appreciate you as our account manager at Amrod. We could not have it done it without you.

Kind regards Sandra Minnaar

05 JUNE 2023

Hi Omer

I'm well thank you, I trust you will have a good one too.

Side note* - Charline has been a phenomenal Key account manager and she lives the Amrod Customer service ethos and values - we had other options our client wanted to go with but we opted for Amrod because of the service we receive from her. Keep up the great work Charline!


22 MAY 2023

Hi Edward

I hope you are splendid?

I hereby would to make you aware of the service I have received from Shakila the last couple of months (coincidentally, I get called to her table regularly - at collections)
She has been more than a pleasure to work with, exceptional customer care, and I wish I am able to see her every time I get to Amrod for my assistance.

Please do have this message reach her


10 MAY 2023

Thank you Natalia

I would really like to express my thanks to you for assisting in getting this order out, the way you did.

Thank you for always putting in the extra effort to help us reach out delivery dates.
Kind Regards

03 MARCH 2023

It was indeed a fantastic event, never felt so at home at Amrod and still looking to attend more of such informative functions and more than everything to grow the current relationship we have with Amrod as we grow as a business.

Thank You Soraya Lowe and the Amrod team, the tour was so amazing


16 JANUARY 2023

Good morning Natalia,

Thank you for always assisting and for your excellent service.

Kind Regards

21 DECEMBER 2022

Good day all,

I'm not sure where to send this mail so I used all the mail addresses I have in hope it will find the right person.

I want to compliment Lerato Mokwena Sharon, she is an exception employee that handheld a really bad case I had with a courier company for 13 days in less then 2 hours - the grace and compassion she had towards me as a very stressed out customer is really of the highest of professionalism I have experienced this year. We really need more people like this - well done! She is with no doubt the employee of the month!!

Have a great Christmas season

Kind Regards

19 DECEMBER 2022

Thank you Tammy, it's been a hard working year 2022 thus with load shedding, natural disasters, looting, strikes and Government nonsense our partnership with AMROD and its team player/s hence with Natalia whom faced many challenges with us was a backbone to resolve all issues!!!Her roleplay was amazing!

Amit,thank u for your support and always having faith in our company. Lots to do henceforth into 2023 for us.

"Success Is Best When Shared"

Much appreciated

19 DECEMBER 2022

Hi Natalia

Thank goodness we are in the final stretch!
Noted the below email
Thank you for everything you did for me and team this year - you are always friendly and patient with us, We love working with you!
Enjoy your well-deserved break and have a happy and blessed holiday season


08 DECEMBER 2022

Good day Jacqueline,

I want to use this medium to really appreciate you and your Nigerian team for all the effort you sacrificially put into place to ensure that my company's transaction was a success.

Words can explain how much we are so proud of affiliating with your company, the level of customer service, integrity, patience, diligence, and your team's ability to go above and beyond their call of service to ensure we were satisfied as a company.

As a first-time partner with Amrod, we are truly appreciative and really look towards doing business with your company next year. You were all amazing superstars.

Once again congratulations to you and your Nigerian team for making corporate gifting a pleasurable one.

Thank you.

02 DECEMBER 2022

Hi Natalia

Thank you for helping us get this order way ahead of the expected delivery time. We appreciate been given a chance to delight our client with an earlier delivery.

This is one of the reasons Amrod is still our preferred supplier partner.

Kind regards,

18 NOVEMBER 2022

Thank you!

I can just imagine how busy you are.

I need to tell you that online orders, service, artwork, responses have been phenomenal. The service this Season is beyond…

Please communicate that to Management and my appreciation to you personally!

Kind Regards

19 OCTOBER 2022

Hey Nats,

Hope you well

Thank you so much for all you do for me and my clients, you are the best in my eyes, and love working with you.

Thank you so much.

05 October 2022

Hi Natalia and Kogan

A HUGE thank you to both of you for your assistance with the layouts for this order.

After a solid 1.5 hours with Kogan on the phone and our client on WhatsApp, all job cards have been amended and approved.

Thank you for your AWESOME service, it is really appreciated.


28 September 2022

Thank you for your awesome assistance from the time of my inquiry to end.

My frustration I had regarding the restriction on certain branding as a Jade customer and how you handle it with so much empathy.

You went the extra mile to assist me and ensuring order was completed in time with the branding as requested.

Your follow ups and keeping me informed on progress of orders till order was received in CPT.

Thank you Moipone from a very happy customer.

Many Thanks and Kind Regards,


13 September 2022

A massive thank you to Philile Ngcobo who went above and beyond for my order to meet a deadline. She did everything that she could to help and kept me updated at every step of the order.

Incredible service represented by an individual, thank you so much Philile!

14 September 2022

Dear Omer and Vani,

In this day and age people do not take the time to say thank you, I would like to however take this opportunity of thanking one of your super stars Natalia Van Vuuren, to her we were not just a number, she took our problem very seriously and resolved it.

We had a very upset client that’s order did not arrive yesterday as promised from their supplier. My client wanted to find out if we could assist with notebooks and pens for their televised event.

Natalia went above what we asked, her attitude was amazing, she was calm, and handled our request promptly.

Thank you again for the amazing service, we value excellent service.

Kind regards

09 September 2022

You as ALWAYS our company's Shining LEGEND, thank You Natalia, for always being our Super STAR !!!!!

Kind Regards

31 August 2022

Dear Lebohang

Would just like to say a big thank you to you for the excellent service I received from you on Monday afternoon.

I came into the show room a bit confused about a ladies trousers order that I needed to sort out.
You jumped on it with me, and in the most professional and warm helpful way sorted it all out for me within minutes.
You knowledge of your products and your passion for what you do was so evident and I really appreciated your willingness to make it all good for me.
You then went the extra mile and assisted me with the order online to save me the extra trouble.

Thanks so much for the excellent experience. Please forward this on to your management as id love them to know what an asset you are to the business.

Many thanks and take care.

30 June 2022

Hi Omer & Vani

So I know that people have tendency to just complain and forget to sometimes take the time to give credit where it is due I have been working in this industry for about 12 years (Including 7 years for Wizard before Amrod took over)

And I basically just wanted to take a minute and tell you to please hold on to Mary-Anne for dear life.
She is genuinely the best and nothing we ask is ever too much (and even when it is , she always tries hers best )

When she went on leave a while back my life flashed before my eyes – okay I am being dramatic but hey it was close

In short – Mary-Anne is the best thing that has happened to Amrod since the invention of the toaster!


24 June 2022

Good day Katleho and Natalia,

I hope you are well.

I would just like to thank you for the service we have received recently. It really has been great and makes working with Amrod a lot easier then we have had in the past.

Kind Regards

20 May 2022


You have been phenomenal with your service, wish we had more Lerato's. Thank you for your awesome service and hope you have a wonderful weekend.


20 May 2022

Good morning Gen,

I hope this email finds you well.

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help with the Gazebos and Banners – our client was extremely happy.

Moniccah and I appreciate it a lot.

v Kind regards,

19 May 2022

Natalia Fabulous thanks a mil for your continuous EXCELLENT service to us.

Kind Regards

12 April 2022

Hi Natalia

Thank you so far for your excitement, and all your support!!! You make it easy to work with you and the company. You are an asset to AMROD. Hope they realise that?


28 March 2022

Dear Natalia,

I truly just want to say that you made working with Amrod an enjoyable experience with your assistance no matter the issue or order.


14 March 2022

Good day Tafadzwa

Today I want to give my Account Manager, Pavee a huge compliment and a word of appreciation. I have been in this industry for over 12 years and I have worked with local companies as well as International suppliers – and I have NEVER received such great and amazing service, as what I have received from Pavee.

I had a very urgent order and she actually mailed and checked on me every hour (after hours and in her private time and on at her cost) if my artworks are coming through and she really did the extra mile, in order for me to make my client happy, satisfied and to deliver in time for their event! – would never have gotten that right if Pavee wasn’t as efficient and driven as what she is – big THANK YOU to Pavee, always on top of ever order and she is the first Sales Manager of mine that understands the urgency of orders and their deadlines.

Big thank you once again – really appreciate it Pavee – your level of service is of absolute high standards.

May Amrod look after this lady and value her input and treasure her as being a part of the Amrod family – she is fore sure a KEEPER

Have a blessed day

Regards, Yolandi

17 February 2022

Good morning

This is an email of our utter appreciation for the efforts, teamwork and everything else that went through for this small project.

We would like to say our Huge Thank you to AMROD, especially Tokelo Mathiba for all your assistance in delivering this seemingly impossible task between Monday 08:15 and last night 18:00.

This has reached the clients hands in East London – Happy end user.
Thank You.

Regards Anele

22 February 2022

Morning Genevieve,

I would like to personally thank you for always going out of your way to ensure that our needs are met.

This order you have gone over and above to make sure our client gets their products before their function.

Absolutely fantastic service.

Thank you and regards

10 February 2022

Hi Natalia,

I wanted to say WOW and THANK YOU AMROD for the efficient and fast service as this was only meant to be ready on MONDAY… so thank you for being such an AWESOME supplier!

Thank you, Lucille